A community vision for a national garden

Sayes Court is a project to create a world class garden and Centre for Urban Horticulture on the site of John Evelyn’s garden and the birthplace of the National Trust.

Sayes Court has inspired some of the greatest ideas in British landscape history – ideas which have continued to shape our parks, countryside and cities for nearly four centuries.

From John Evelyn’s experimental garden and radical theory that trees could clean London’s air, to the movement to protect Sayes Court for the public which led to the foundation of the National Trust, this small piece of land represents the point at which we started to understand the importance of nature in the city.

Now in the 21st Century, Sayes Court is once again at the forefront of the debate. 

Currently under threat at the corner of one of London’s largest development sites at Convoys Wharf, Sayes Court is uniquely placed to address some of the biggest challenges facing our cities today; local proposals to secure the site’s future are drawing international support.

This is a project to create a new garden and Centre for Urban Horticulture which will use training, education and research to find innovative solutions to the growing pressure of urban life:

making our cities happier, healthier places to live for the future.