London is a famously green city: two-thirds of its area is open space. However in spite of the grand parks, natural woodlands and humble allotments, only a tiny fraction of us experience this other side of the city. London is also an increasingly crowded city; as we face the pressures of development, our daily connection with nature is under threat. 

We have the opportunity to change this.

Sayes Court has inspired some of the greatest ideas in landscape history: ideas which have shaped our parks, countryside and cities for nearly four centuries.  From John Evelyn’s Sylva, the bestselling treatise on planting trees, to the foundation of the National Trust, this small piece of land has had a profound influence on our relationship with nature and open space in the city. The remarkable history of Sayes Court is filled with bold ideas, which understood that contact with nature is an essential part of healthy urban life, and that finding new ways to make that contact,

make our cities better places to live, for everyone.

Inspired by this history of innovation, Sayes Court is a project designed to explore some of the most pressing issues affecting our urban environment, by changing the way we think about the role landscape plays in creating happy, healthy and prosperous cities for the future. The project will create a new cultural, research and educational centre for landscape and horticulture set in 4 acres of gardens. Lying at the heart of one of London’s largest new developments, Convoys Wharf,

Sayes Court is a new garden for the 21st Century.